The Vege Rama story began with a vision of creating a nourished world using a plant-based diet to inspire conscious eating. We live by our tagline, ‘a taste of good health’, fuelling our dedication to source only fresh, local and biodynamic produce, free of all chemicals and sprays. We envision a world of healthy lifestyles supported by eco-friendly practices, sustainable approaches and good food born from these measures.

The Vege Rama commitment to conscious eating strives to embody these measures, pioneering Brisbane’s move towards a healthier, more sustainable food culture. We want to live in a world where we can be sure of our own health, the health of our planet, and the organisms with which we share it. And we want it to last, so our children and their children can enjoy the beauty, resources and life that this earth gives us.

Vege Rama expresses this vision through food. We work with local farmers to bring fresh, seasonal produce into our kitchens where we craft plant-based culinary experiences inspired by the world’s finest cuisines, ensuring we use only biodynamic, chemical free products. This means every bite you eat from Vege Rama contains no artificial colours, additives, or preservatives. The food we serve is wholesome, healthy and above all, delicious!

Food today has shifted from an experience to a matter of convenience. We challenge this shift by giving meaning to our meals, making sure of ethical acquisition of the ingredients behind them. We believe in using fresh produce in its most natural state and using seasonal produce to ensure that we are actually chemical free. Vegetables out of season can’t be completely organic, so we adapt our menu to each season to ensure our produce is always 100% natural.

A plant-based lifestyle is founded on the values of compassion towards animals and a lessened environmental impact, which we endeavor to fulfill with our biodegradable packaging and eco-friendly business procedures.

Vege Rama is proud to be a part of the movement towards a sustainable future through respect for our environment and respect for our bodies. Wholesome, nutritious food to support a healthy planet.

The taste of good health.