We firstly express our warmest thanks and convey our deepest gratitude to the Vege Rama team. They are the face of Vege Rama. Without them we could not exist. More than this, they are our Vege Rama family. We thank them for their constant inspiration, their inventiveness, their energy, and their commitment to excellence. They encourage us to continue.

Secondly, we wish to thank every individual who has supported and assisted us over the years. Vege Rama is built on a foundation of unconditional support, of people generous enough to give us their time and their guidance. It is through your freely given support that we have continued to learn and grow. We thank you.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we extend a hearty thank-you to our incredible customers. You have truly made us what we are today. We extend our humble thanks to you, our community. You have put your faith in us and are a constant source of encouragement and friendship. We strive everyday to meet and surpass your expectations. Words cannot convey the depth of gratitude we feel for all that you have given, and continue to give to us. Special thanks go to the vegan and vegetarian community for your continued support, and to the many interested customers who come to us with their curiosity and questions about the lifestyle. We thank each of you, for giving our work meaning and our lives purpose.

Thank you, for the incredible opportunity you have given us. We are eternally grateful.