Welcome to Vege Rama

It all begins with our vision of creating a nourished world through a plant-based diet and to inspire conscious eating. inspired by ‘a taste of good health’, vege rama is dedicated to sourcing fresh and local biodynamic produce that are chemical and spray free. our commitment to conscious eating also extends to sustainable and eco-friendly business practices.

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At the end of 2009, Vege Rama opened it’s first take-away outlet in Brisbane City’s Myer Centre. We challenged the conventional idea of take-away food by offering a vast selection of healthy and wholesome meals made with the finest ingredients. For many years we have nourished countless customers through innovative and unique vegetarian and vegan spins of timeless classic dishes from all around the world as well as with our own unique creations.

In 2012 Vege Rama opened up a 100% vegan take-away outlet on Adelaide Street in Brisbane City’s Post Office Square. Much loved take-away foods including burgers and curries were given a healthy unique vegan twist. With new specials everyday at both Myer Centre and Post Office Square, Vege Rama is constantly striving to deliver wholesome meals at affordable prices.

Almost five years later, Vege Rama still continues to inspire conscious eating through a taste of good health and we are extending our vision of a nourished world further with our newest ventures. 2014 was a new milestone for Vege Rama with our new logo and rebranded business, we were ready to unveil our latest endeavors.
Located in West End, the Vege Rama Restaurant is the newest addition to the Vege Rama brand. The Vege Rama restaurant was one of the first vegetarian restaurant to open in the heart of West End, with a wholesome menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant showcases a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes including classic dishes with a vegetarian spin as well as Vege Rama’s original creations. Vege Rama has also launched a range of pre-packaged food which is available at the restaurant for customers on the go.

Vege Rama has also launched a catering service for both corporate and personalized catering. Our food is made fresh from our kitchens and delivered to you. Our newly updated website allows for easy ordering!

2014 was also the year we created our own biodynamic cold pressed juices range. The first of its kind in Brisbane, our range of cold pressed juices have been handcrafted with locally sourced and chemical free ingredients. All of our juice combinations have been put together in conjunction with our resident nutritionist, meaning our juices will nourish your body from the inside and out.

At Vege Rama we believe the foundation of good health starts at with food consciousness. A taste of good health begins with fresh food prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Thank you for being a part of our journey and as this new chapter in our ventures begins; we hope you will support us all the way as we share our passion and love of health with the community.

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